Book Club #18 in Paoli, PA

Book Club #18 in Paoli, PA
I have three book clubs today! One at lunchtime in Paoli, one via Skype to Houston at 4pm and one at 6:30 at the North Wales library. I am taking notes on all of my visits. Notes about the questions people ask, the conversations we have. A lot of questions force me to verbalize things as a writer that I’ve only ever heard banging around my head. Who knows, maybe one day I will write a book about it called “The One Hundred Book Club Journey.” After my visits I send out a little survey asking questions about what the groups have read, how long they’ve been meeting, if they are a wine book club or a coffee/tea book club. I’m even gathering favorite book club recipes because I’m all about the food. The other day at a brunch book club in Rydal, PA I had a fabulous egg and spinach soufflé. Today at lunch with these ladies I had a delicious falafel wrap. I’m enjoying every bite but hopefully I will still fit into the photos when I reach 100 😉 Yum!


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