Book Clubs

I launched my 100 Bookclub challenge hoping to find a few friends to help me meet a big goal.  Little did I know that years later I would still be having the pleasure and honor of meeting with readers from all over the world to chat with me about Henna House.  I recently met with Henna House Bookclub #227.  Please see my facebook page Nomi Eve, Author for updated bookclub photos.   

A little history:  I officially launched my “100 Book Club Challenge” in October of 2014.  I initially thought it would take me two years to meet with 100 book clubs, but it took me only six very busy months.  Book clubs in Austin, Boise, Chicago, Philly and beyond  signed on to help me visit 100 Book Groups, either in person or via Skype.  I met with 70 book clubs in person, and another 30 on Skype.  Check out photos from all the clubs I visited on my blog page on this website.  As you can see, we all had a great time.  Now I do more Zoom than Skype.  But I’m still just as enthusiastic about meeting with readers.

Can your club help me reach the next 100?  Fill in the  form below if you are interested in having me visit your book club.  Let’s make a date!

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