Book Club #14


Leslie Skilton Book Club #2

Book Club #14 with Leslie Skilton. This is the second book club that Leslie Skilton has invited me to. Both times were amazing. The first was at the Manufacturer’s Country Club and the second time was at her lovely home last night. These women asked fabulous questions and had the sort of warm, smart and nuanced conversation that you could tell they’d been having for many many years. I felt truly blessed to be part of their evening. Also, we had some great laughs. This morning I told my kids about one of the women’s grandchildren saying “bloody hell” upon encountering a less than sparkling public restroom. The child was only four years old. When the grandmother asked where he’d learned such a thing he answered, “Ron Weasly”
Bloody Hell! indeed. Books can make you laugh, cry or curse like a wizard. So funny.

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